Welcome! I'm David Rusu, a seasoned distributed systems researcher and engineer with a passion for building resilient distributed systems. Over my career, I've garnered years of experience in designing systems to behave reliably under stress. I've guided teams in building distributed systems of all shapes, from convergent data structures (CRDTs), consensus protocols, to implementating cryptographic protocols.

If you're seeking a dedicated professional with a proven track record in the realm of distributed systems, let's chat!

Reach me at davidrusu.me@gmail.com

Recent Work:

  • Gambit Labs - Built bots for finding arbitrage opportunities in cryptocurrencies
  • MaidSafe - Led RnD team to develop solutions to some of most difficult problems in distributed systems. We integrated CRDTs, consensus protocols, cryptographic protocols to form a cohesive system.
  • Huawei - Developed SMARTS, an autonomous vehicle simulation platform specializing in multi-agent interaction
  • PagerDuty - Maintaned the notification pipeline, this involved monitoring and improving the reliability of dozens of services and maintaining multiple kafka clusters